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AgustaWestland approval

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We’ve very pleased to announce that Materials Solutions has been approved by AgustaWestland. This adds to our long list of approvals, including Rolls-Royce Plc., Rolls-Royce Nuclear Sector, Rolls-Royce Deutschland, SNECMA, Sumitomo Precision Products and others we cannot name for reasons of customer confidentiality.


M400 installed January 13th 2014

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Materials Solutions is pleased to announce that it has the first installation of an EOS M400 currently being commissioned in their newly expanded factory.

Managing Director Carl Brancher said, “Materials Solutions started up with one EOS M270 in September 2006. We built a business based on materials development and the manufacture of high performance parts using DMLS (aka SLM or metals 3D Printing) and now have six M270 and an M280. ”

Carl continued, “But we needed a bigger machine to enable us to build completely new classes of products – such as autosports and aero structures in titanium- that are too big for the M270/280.  We will also be transfering our processes for a broad range of high performance alloys including nickel superalloys and duplex stainless steels.

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Service agreement signed with Sumitomo Precision Products

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Materials Solutions today announced the signing of an exclusive Service Agreement with Sumitomo Precision Products for the Japan, Korea and Taiwan markets. Under this agreement Materials Solutions will provide Additive Manufacturing (also known as ‘3DPrinting’) parts and services to Sumitomo Precision Products.

Carl Brancher, chief executive of Materials Solutions said, “We look forward to working with Sumitomo Precision Products. They are a company with an excellent reputation in aerospace and I expect them to be very successful.”


About Materials Solutions

Materials Solutions is a specialist in metals Additive Manufacturing (‘3D Printing’) for power generation applications- where the critical requirement is materials performance at extremely high temperatures. Materials Solutions is approved by some of the best known names in the aerospace industry and supplying customers in; Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and the USA. For more information, please


About Sumitomo Precision Products

Sumitomo Precision Products (SPP) is a leading global supplier of heat management systems and heat exchangers for aircraft and aircraft engines. SPP has designed and manufactured aerospace equipment for almost 100 years, including propellers and their control systems, landing gear and  heat exchangers.  For more detailed information, please

10th patent granted May 31st 2013

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Materials Solutions has been awarded its 10th patent for Additive Manufacturing methods and equipment.

Carl Brancher, chief executive of Materials Solutions commented; “Additive Manufacturing- also known as 3D Printing- is a new and IP-rich environment which presents challenges to end users for adoption as a manufacturing technology. There is the concern that unintentional infringement may lead to additional costs or delays. To counter this risk Materials Solutions files many patent application to both test the scope of existing patents and also to generate patents.” Carl continued; “Materials Solutions does not file patents on the application of Additive Manufacturing. We make parts for many companies. To us they are simply geometries that need building to design and specification.”

Materials solutions is a specialist in Additive Manufacturing for power generation applications where high quality high temperature capable materials are required. These include land and aero turbines, nuclear, solar and fuel cell parts.