We can’t say much about what we do

because what we do is confidential to our customers. However, from time to time we give papers and presentations at conferences on generic topics.  Here are a few

The Path to Production 19-5-2014

Trevor Illston AM Conf 2012

2012-04-20 HZ Materialise World Conference_April2012_R5_Zarringhalam

AILU 2009 Carl Brancher

Design and manufacture of high performance hollow engine valves by Additive Layer Manufacturing. D. Cooper, J. Thornby, N. Blundella, R. Henrys (Materials Solutions), M.A. Williams, G. Gibbons. Materials & Design Volume 69, 15 March 2015, Pages 44–55

A NOVEL APPROACH TO LOW EMISSION COMBUSTION RIG TESTING- Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG   www.dglr.de/publikationen/2016/420303.pdf


The most authoritative source of information on Additive Manufacturing is the consultancy Wohlers Associates