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Industrialization of Additive Manufacturing

Materials Solutions is a 100% subsidiary of Siemens Energy and contributes to the company’s goal to be a global leader in the industrial implementation of Additive Manufacturing. Siemens develops as a user and supplier next generation products, engineering services, digital solutions, and focuses on the entire value chain.

Siemens Energy – Additive Manufacturing

Technical papers

Industry experts share their know-how on current trends, technical developments and projects in power generation.

Industrialization and current field experience of 3D printed gas turbine components

Presented at 9th International Gas Turbine Conference 2018
During the last years, Additive Manufacturing (AM) has emerged the industry and is considered as a game-changer. This technology enables OEMs to manufacture and repair gas turbine components faster and at the same time with enhanced functionality and performance. Currently Siemens is using this technology for prototyping, manufacturing, repair of gas turbine components, and spare part manufacturing. Industrialization of the AM technology and current accumulated field experience of AM manufactured components will be discussed in this paper.

Streamlined frameworks for advancing metal based Additive Manufacturing technologies in gas turbine industry

Presented at Global Power and Propulsion Forum 2017
This paper focuses on metal-based Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies such as Selective Laser Melting (SLM) which are the basis for successful applications in the gas turbine industry over the past years. Siemens large gas turbine applications are used to demonstrate the development and industrialization of the Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM).

Siemens Additive Manufacturing – Industrialization is happening

Watch our short movie on Additive Manufacturing to see why sometimes it’s the little thing that makes the difference.

Siemens Additive Manufacturing – Industrialization is happening