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10th patent granted May 31st 2013

By May 31, 2013June 30th, 2014Uncategorized

Materials Solutions has been awarded its 10th patent for Additive Manufacturing methods and equipment.

Carl Brancher, chief executive of Materials Solutions commented; “Additive Manufacturing- also known as 3D Printing- is a new and IP-rich environment which presents challenges to end users for adoption as a manufacturing technology. There is the concern that unintentional infringement may lead to additional costs or delays. To counter this risk Materials Solutions files many patent application to both test the scope of existing patents and also to generate patents.” Carl continued; “Materials Solutions does not file patents on the application of Additive Manufacturing. We make parts for many companies. To us they are simply geometries that need building to design and specification.”

Materials solutions is a specialist in Additive Manufacturing for power generation applications where high quality high temperature capable materials are required. These include land and aero turbines, nuclear, solar and fuel cell parts.

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