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C263 nickel superalloy released for beta production

By August 14, 2008July 1st, 2014Uncategorized

Materials Solutions is pleased to announce that process development of Nickel superalloy C-263 (N 07263) has been completed to meet widely accepted aero turbine requirements for high and room temperature creep and tensile testing for ‘as built’, heat treated and HIPed test samples.

Surface finish and other build qualities apprear to be good and representative parts have been made.

Superalloy C-263 is widely used for high temperature components in gas turbines. It is also known as N 07263 and Nicofer 5120. Its chemical composition is NiCo20Cr20NoTi. C-263 is characterised by excellent resistance to oxidation and creep at elevated temperatures and good weldability.

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