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EOS announces Materials Solutions as an e-Manufacturing Partner

By December 7, 2007July 1st, 2014Uncategorized

e-Manufacturing Partners consult on how to achieve maximum benefit from laser-sintering. In their role as a new partner Materials Solutions will execute end-to-end e Manufacturing processes from design to post processing. Materials Solutions will closely collaborate with EOS in order to raise the level of acceptance for laser-sintering as a manufacturing method. This includes promotion of the benefits of e Manufacturing, the execution of e Manufacturing projects, and supporting EOS to continuously improve the technology

Materials Solutions is an application development company located on the campus of the University of Birmingham. In addition to supplying high-quality components, they work with their customers’ engineers to drive new manufacturing methods and total processes. Two EOSINT M 270 systems for DMLS at Materials Solutions currently produce components mostly for the aerospace and medical device industries

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